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Add a touch of spirituality to your home with this elegant Wooden Temple For Home in USA

Get a Wooden Temple for home with intricate patterns that showcase the elegance of our culture and customs. Learn about designs that are inspired by the architecture of ancient temples, wonderfully displaying the traditional designs, jharokha, pillars with carving, shikhars, and in-built shelves that convey a distinctly Indian and spiritual sense.


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Vythilingum Ashven,  Mauritius

” A well-merited 5 stars to Ananta Artifacts! We are enthralled by the quality and the customer service the company has rendered for our order. The wooden temple delivered to us is of a life long durability, and the coating is sublime and royal. Most importantly, it was a relief for us to receive the temple at our doorstep in Mauritius, and free from custom hassles. Thanks millions Piyush for the dedication and heart you have put in this work. With love, Bhakti Marga Mauritius ”

Why Should You Get A Wooden Temple in USA?

A Mandir gives your home a highly modern and elegant appearance while also being a strong and difficult-to-break material. A Wooden Pooja Mandir in a decent design is a wise purchase for your house.

Where To Put A Pooja Mandir In Your House?

Mandirs and religious idols are important components of a home’s Vaastu and have the power to affect the atmosphere of the entire structure. It is crucial to position the temple correctly in accordance with the principles of Vaastu shastra for positive energy to circulate throughout your entire home and to keep the negative energies at bay. The following rule should be followed when establishing your mandir to ensure good fortune and wealth enter your home. It is wise to always put your Wooden Temple For Home in the north-east corner of your home.

Why Should You Always Purchase A Mandir With 2 Shutters?

Two doors or shutters that open in the north or east are required for a mandir. Ensure that the Wooden Pooja Mandir you purchase has two shutters. Avoid a mandir with doors and opt for one without shutters if you plan to place your mandir and chowkies in a separate mandir room. If, however, your mandir will be visible from many areas of the house, particularly the drawing room area where guests congregate, you might want to choose a mandir with doors. As an alternative, you might also hang some lovely drapes above your pooja mandir.

How Much Room Is Needed for A Mandir In Home?

To accurately determine how much room will be needed to place the mandir in your home, it is best to examine the height, breadth, depth, and other specifications of the mandir before purchasing. Always add 2 to 3 inches to the mandir’s stated measurements to account for the opening doors.

Mandir Online Shopping at Lowest Cost in USA

All religious people place a high value on temples. Possessing a Wooden Pooja Mandir at home is regarded as fortunate. It is thought that since gods are a part of our life, they need to be a part of our homes as well. In fact, there should be a suitable location where the holy idols can live. One should also have a special place where they can pray or contemplate in the presence of the gods. As a result, whether tiny or large, a Wooden Temple For Home is made to suit every Hindu home in USA. Get the best temple for your home from Ananta Artifacts.

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