A Pooja room is a sacred location in the house where families may connect with their spirituality by praying and seeking solace. Knowing what objects are necessary for the ambiance and function of a pooja room is one of the most important components of creating one.

The following are the essential essentials that we propose for a well-equipped pooja room:

• Idols and Deities:

The idols or images of revered deities are central to any pooja room. Depending on personal beliefs and practices, these could include idols of gods and goddesses.

• Puja Thali:

A puja thali, also known as a dish, holds all the necessary things for worship. It usually consists of an oil light (diya), incense sticks (agarbatti), a bell, a tiny container for sacred water, and a small dish for offerings like flowers or sweets.

• Oil Lamp (Diya) with Incense Holder:

The lighting of an oil lamp represents the presence of divine energy and is an important aspect of Hindu rituals. Incense sticks purify the air and surroundings and provide a nice perfume.

• Bell:

A bell is struck before and after prayers to ward off bad spirits and to bring worshippers’ thoughts into focus and concentration.

• Holy Books:

It is normal to keep scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Quran, Bible, or any other religious texts. These serve as prayer and spiritual growth guides.

• Rudraksha Mala or Prayer Beads:

These beads maintain attention and aid in prayers during meditation and chanting.

• Water pots:

Many households retain a tiny pot or vessel filled with holy water from a holy location or a river to sprinkle during prayers.

• Yantras and Symbols:

Some pooja rooms contain yantras, geometric diagrams thought to possess divine qualities, or sacred symbols symbolizing various deities or elements of divinity.


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