Pooja Mandir is a sacred space for spiritual practices and holds a specific position in the rich tapestry of Indian culture. The location of this sacred area in our homes is based on Vastu Shastra principles. The ancient architectural science of Vastu from India emphasizes the importance of directed placement to channel beneficial energies. It is a practice that harmonizes the energy of our homes with the cosmos, fostering mental and physical health. The first step in constructing a home that resonates with good energy is comprehending the significance of Vastu.

Which way should Pooja Mandir face?

What direction is best for Pooja Mandir to be placed in our homes? This is the crucial question that emerges. According to Vastu, the northeast corner is the most fortunate place to put the Pooja Mandir. This direction is powerful for spiritual practices since it is connected to Ishanya, the corner ruled by Lord Shiva.

We, at Ananta Artifacts ensure that divine energy flows freely and brings peace and prosperity to your homes by positioning our elaborately crafted Pooja Mandir in the northeast corner. Each piece is painstakingly crafted by our artisans, who combine ancient patterns with contemporary aesthetics to improve the sacred space’s aesthetic appeal. Vastu principles work in harmony with our excellent Pooja Mandir to produce a setting that elevates everyone in the home’s spiritual experience.

Locating the Pooja Mandir in the northeast may not always be possible due to architectural limitations or room arrangements. Alternative directions, such as the east or north, might also be considered in these situations to ensure the sacred place is in harmony with the good energies emanating from our homes.


Pooja mandirs are important in the effort to create a harmonious living environment. With its dedication to fusing traditional and modern design, we provide a selection of Pooja mandirs that work as a focal point for spiritual practices and improve our houses’ aesthetic appeal. Understanding the value of Vastu and deciding on the proper orientation for our Pooja Mandir allows us to bring beneficial energies into our living areas, promoting peace and well-being.